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Congratulations Manfred (Max) and Rhea on your wedding last Saturday! Thank you for your kind invitation, I enjoyed capturing the event for you and meeting many of your friends and family members. If you or any of your guests viewing here wish to download any of these, the password is simply the 5 letter name of the hotel, all  lower case letters :-)

This has to have been the largest entourage that I have seen at a wedding! So many gwapo groomsmen and gwapa bridesmaids! I hope they all enjoy their images and I hope I did not miss any!

I wish to thank Helen, the hotel proprietor and good friend of mine, for transporting me (even if we did arrive a few minutes late!) and for the tasty Korean food in the evening :-) I think we would both have liked Dean (Helen's husband) to have attended also but he was away on business and could not be there. I hope you enjoy these images Dean and maybe it will feel as though you attended :-)

I hope also that you, Max and Rhea, enjoy these images now and in the future when you look back upon them. I wish you both good health and every happiness for your married life ahead. ENJOY! :-)

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