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SOLREPEL is a self-adhesive protective skin that is applied to the external surface of new or existing steel sheet roofing.


SOLREPEL blocks virtually all Solar radiation thereby preventing steel roofing becoming extremely hot.



• REDUCE ambient air temperature inside your home or workplace.

• PREVENT radiated heat typically felt below extremely hot steel roofing.

• REMOVE the need for insulation below the roof (for roof voids with cross ventilation).

• REDUCE electricity bills.

• REDUCE energy use.

• ASSIST in the fight against Climate Change.



New Roof Sheets:- Make sure the surface to be covered is clean and dry.

Existing roof sheets:- These should be mopped with floor cleaning detergent and thoroughly rinsed with clean water. Allow to dry completely before covering.


Application is a two-man operation. One person should hold the roll and remove the backing paper while the other applies the self-adhesive side of SOLREPEL to the steel roof sheets. This should be applied slowly and carefully using a soft cloth across its full 610mm width to ensure full contact with the steel roof sheets.

Care should be taken to smooth out SOLREPEL and avoid air bubbles. Small bubbles, less than 5mm, can be ignored but larger voids, at sheet undulations for example, should be removed by unpeeling and re-applying with pressure to avoid any voids. The adhesive is very strong but will allow unpeeling and re-applying several times to ensure you obtain good adhesion.

With typical steel sheet roofing, the undulations and corrugations run down the roof slope. Apply SOLREPEL strips across the width of the roof, traveling up and down the undulations and corrugations, starting with the first strip along the lowest edge. This should be placed with a 50mm overlap to tuck under the end of the roof sheet and bond to its underside.

The next strip should overlap the top edge of the first strip by 25mm and be bonded parallel to it and so on until the entire roof is completely covered to the highest edge. Again, the top edge should extend 50mm beyond the sheet to be tucked under and bonded to its underside.


Rainwater contains dust particles that attach to all exposed surfaces and, over time, build up to obscure the surface. SOLREPEL functions best when its highly reflective surface is clean. Periodically inspect it and, when necessary, mop the surface with soapy water and rinse to maintain its efficiency in repelling Solar radiation back into space and keeping your roof and internal accommodation cool.


SOLREPEL will generally provide additional water resistance but it is not intended, and should not be used, for this purpose.SOLREPEL is intended for use ONLY as a barrier to Solar radiation on steel roof surfaces that it is bonded to.SOLREPEL is intended for use on trapezoidal, corrugated, flat or other constant section steel roof sheet. It is not intended for use on steel roof sheets with a stepped, tile pattern as an acceptable installation is not possible due to the many deformations along and across the roof sheet. SOLREPEL will still afford significant Solar radiation protection but it is considered that the result will be both unattractive and contain too many air pockets.SOLREPEL can be applied with butt joints or preferably lapped joints. When using lapped joints on a sloping roof, the highest strip of SOLREPEL should overlap the lower strip so that rainwater can run off more easily.


SOLREPEL redirects and concentrates Solar radiation very efficiently and it is inadvisable to be in the path of reflected radiation for extended periods of time. Due to the material used and its highly reflective surface, you should NOT apply SOLREPEL to a roof at any time during strong sunlight as this may result in eye damage, sunburn and/or heat exhaustion.


Should you have any further queries or if you are interested in becoming a SOLREPEL retailer, please message via Facebook Messenger or send an email to

Product Test Results

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Cleaning of Steel Roof Sheets

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Allow to dry after cleaning

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Apply SOLREPEL across roof slope - lowest edge first

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Completed installation

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Enjoy the difference!

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