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We celebrated our friend Dean's birthday in very different surroundings on Saturday 12th September 2015. He owns a beach resort near Languindingan Airport where people snorkel, jetski and ride big yellow bananas and small inflatable dingies :-) So what better surroundings to spend a day than the untouched golden sand coastline with its crystal clear waters and protective mangrove trees 50m out to sea.

We towed a floating house out to sea with enough food for an army and spent the day relaxing, swimming and boating.

However, the boat trip was maybe a little too long as the tide had gone out when we returned and our captain ran us aground! There were about 15 of us stranded (including my wife, our 3 year old daughter and our 3 week old son who, like the rest of us, had never been shipwrecked before!) and it was quite a challenge getting off the boat as it rose up and down on the swell and onto the inflatable banana!! We had fun and excitement all day!

Many thanks Dean for looking after us all so well :-) We hope you enjoy these images and if you or the other party goers wish to download any of them, simply click on the download button and enter the password (this is the name of the hotel all in lower case letters).

We loved the adventure!!!

Peter, Love Mae, Miley May and Charlie :-)

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