It was necessary to travel to our neighbouring island of Cebu on Friday 24th March 2017 for Love Mae to attend a British Government Passport Office video interview. This is an overnight ferry journey each way and there is not a sailing on every day of the week so we decided to make it a part of a holiday week. We took the overnight ferry, with the car, to Bohol, another neighbouring island (there are many!). This island is connected by two bridges to the island of Panglao.

We spent a couple of days on those two islands, abandoned the car and took the 2 hour Supercat crossing to Cebu, stayed overnight, attended the 20 minute interview and took the 2 hour Supercat crossing back to Bohol where we spent a few more days touring, swimming and eating :-) We then came back to Cagayan de Oro on the overnight ferry and the images here record us at some of the places we attended.

ENJOY! (we certainly did!)

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