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This years Christmas celebrations here in the Philippines were about as close as possible to typical English celebrations. We all trimmed the tree together with classic red and gold decorations and added the white lights last with the fairy on top :-)

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve we bought a fabulous takeaway dinner from Ribs n Bibs, our favourite local restaurant that we enjoyed in the evening as a family in the dining room together. We took these lovely images around the tree and on the stairs and balcony with the intention of making one of them our Christmas Greeting image to post online to one and all.

Miley helped us put her huge Santa sack on the balcony together with the customary carrot cake (no mince pies here!) and glass of milk. She crossed her fingers in the hope that Santa did not see the occasions when she was being naughty and to hope that her brought her some lovely gifts.

Our Christmas Day was absolutely perfect (apart from connection difficulties greeting family in the UK). Miley woke up to a sack so full of gifts that she needed to get help dragging it in from the balcony to the bedroom where she began opening a few. All can say is that Santa really needs to pay closer attention to when she is being naughty as it seems her never saw any of that! Lucky girl!

We made ourselves smarter than usual and travelled to the Seda Hotel in the city for a truly wonderful Christmas buffet lunch. Despite Miley not being in the best of moods (normal when she is so sleepy – like her Mummy!) the staff there still kindly gave her a lovely “Seda Dog” toy :-) We took some phonecam pictures around the Christmas trees in the hotel then came home to continue opening Miley’s gifts.

Charlie at just 4 months had no idea what was going on but he really enjoyed seeing all the new things, glittery shiny things and sparkling lights all day. He also got a couple of teething toys of course as Santa does not forget any child :-)

I greatly enjoyed a Skype session with Nick Taylor and his lovely Mummy and sister, Valerie and Caroline, and we managed to avoid the TV all day! I really could not be happier.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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