Helen, Trisha & Heather - clevercaptures
...but I prefer three :-) On behalf of Love Mae and myself I would like to thank you all for such a great evening. We had FUN! Hope you enjoy these images. I will let you have the originals (that are super huge) on a disc at some point, probably via contact numero uno Helen :-) Feel free to tell the world how good our photography is in case anyone you know would like some pictures :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY(s)!!! xxx
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I like this stolen shot of tricky Dicky in conversation. I much prefer images of people as we all know them rather than with a prepared smile. The problem in capturing stolen shots in such a close environment is that I was using a very short lens that put me quite close to the subject and peple generally saw me lining the shot up. Ideal targets for stolen shots here were those engrossed in conversation or those who were sloshed! :-) Not sure about Dick....