Miley & Ashley - November 2015 - clevercaptures

Having prepared my photography equipment for a wedding shoot, Love Mae and I thought it was a good opportunity to capture a handful of images of Miley May with her cousin Ashley Jude who was staying over for a few days. She came with Honeylyn who was helping Love Mae to move from our old bodega (storage unit) to a new one.

I took the images on the stairs and Love Mae took the images in the garden. These two little happy souls are great playmates (squabling sometimes of course!) and the sound of them laughing and giggling as they play is simply the greatest sound a family could wish to hear.

When processing these I was supposed to be selecting which ones to keep/upload and discarding those which were similar to others. But as a Daddy and Uncle of these two adorable cutiepatooties, I just had to keep/upload them all! In truth, the reason I do this is so that when they are older they may favour one facial expression over the other in a similar image so if I keep them all, they can choose which ones they keep :-)

Love Mae and Honeylyn, be very proud of these two and be equally proud of yourselves because all four of you are lovely Filipina’s in mind, body and heart :-)

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